Players need to understand the level system in the game before farming D2R Items. What is the monster level, what is the item level dropped. The monster level is determined by the area level.

In the area, the ordinary monster level is equal to the area level, the boss elite monster level is equal to the area level+2, and the dark gold monster and its servants are equal to the area level+3. Only the boss level at the bottom of each level is fixed, regardless of the area level.

RPGStash will recommend some good places for you to grow D2R Items. If you agree, you might as well plant it in the following way, more Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes are waiting for you to get.

Titan's Revenge: it's a weapon, has a bonus that includes high Life Steal and above-average Enhanced Damage.
Spirit Keeper: it's a rare helm for druids, which has many attributes and can potentially give the highest overall bonus to resistances. For example, it can support Fire Resist +30-40%.
Crown Shield: it's a very nice base for paladins. It also has the inherent property of increasing all resistance.

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